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About Us

About Sagar Electricals ( Vikrant Motors )

Vikrant Motors was established in the year 1994 at Surat, (Gujarat), India. We are providing electric motor solutions of Textile Industry, Diamond Industry as well as providing customize solutions as per our clients’ requirements.

Textile & Diamond industries both are the backbone of not only Surat city but also effecting all over India.

In addition, We are specialized & manufactures of all kinds of “VIKRANT” brand energy efficient induction three-phase motors (Textile looms machine motor, Looms Brake type motors, Rapier Machine motors, T.F.O. Motors, Water Jet/Air Jet M/c Motors, Diamond Industry Motor & also make special purpose motors as per our clients necessity).

Company Profile

The “VIKRANT” brand has clear focus on what is a next technology, change and customer need.

Our employees are the most motivated, skilled and dedicated workers in the field of Motor Industry. Company management is extremely committed to building long term partnerships with its customers & suppliers.

In the world of fast changes and advance technology of Vikrant brand too started manufacturing & Specialized in foot mounted (B3) & flange mounted (B5 & V1) motors,

We are the first manufacturer in India which provides Three Bearings in all motors for its optimal & Smoothen operation and long life of driven end side bearing.

Passionate Hard Work

Striving hard to take up challenging tasks, doing things that we have not done before, not giving up after we fail makes us push ourselves to raise the bar of our performance.

Doing good for the Client

We exist to doing best for the customer. To do what the customer expects. Company believe “ We Deliver What We Promise”

Constant Learning

Learning new skills, studying to grow our expertise, sharing to understand more deeply. Learning to keep us ahead in the changing world.

Attention to Detail

Consistent Quality & Power saving solution. See what others cannot see. Upgrading small things-all the time.

Honesty and Sharing

Products Development for a changing market, blissfully to share information to show what we do.


For us the parameters of good quality are ever-changing. What could be described as an acceptable quality year back is obsolete now. Quality of a product is inclusive of how well the products is tailored to the need of the modern times and sometime may be whether it is a little ahead of it’s time. In keeping with these requirements that we have designed our measures and policies of quality control.


Global acceptance and recognition that our products provide an effective contribution… improving total performance and enhancing customer confidence and creating values.


We at VIKRANT MOTORS believe that quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort and hence there should be a will to produce superior quality products. VIKRANT is committed to supply special purpose motors and pump sets as per the requirements of the customer and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system to enhance customer satisfaction, and strive to develop our personnel & products.

Why Vikrant Motor

Why We Are

  • All Motors are compulsory in three Bearings type.
  • All motors suitable for 50°C ambient temp.
  • “RR Shramik” copper wire.
  • We prefer branded bearings. (SKF-India, UBL)
  • Good quality silicon stamping.
  • Motors with C.I construction up to frame 132M for
  • Fastest Delivery of Customized Motors

Silent Features

  • All motors are fitted with double shielded bearings and are life lubricated.
  • All motors are designed for 50°c ambient.
  • Rotors are dynamically fine balanced.
  • Standard motors are suitable for mounting with any shaft orientation.
  • Motors are designed to an altitude up to 1000m above sea level.
  • A motor with aluminum die-cast body is provided only 80 frame and cast iron frame 90 to 132 frames.
  • All motors are provided with single shaft extension. However, any shaft extension and special shaft material like en 24 or stainless steel can be provided on request.
  • Also, offers motors suitable to run with VFD.
  • Can also offer custom-built to suit customers requirements.